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Key Dates


Opening of submissions for the Pernod Ricard USA Student Challenge


Opening of submissions for the Business Plan Competition


Deadline to submit entries to the Business Plan Competition


Deadline to submit entries to the Pernod Ricard USA Student Challenge


Award Ceremony

Past Winners



Arthur Lenoir, Adrien, Cognee and Baptiste Poirier, co-founders of Jellynote, are the winners of the 2013-2014 French-American Entrepreneurship Award.



Melchior Scholler, Felix Winckler and Etienne Adriaenssen, co-founders of Poutsch, are the winners of the 2012 French-American Entrepreneurship Award.


Tomi Otee

The winning project for the 2011 edition of the Award was submitted by Thomas Ferré, a 31 years old French and the founder of Tomi Otee, a golf apparel brand currently sold in the USA and Korea.


Les Canelés de Céline

The winning project for the 2010 edition of the Award was submitted by Céline Legros, a young French entrepreneur passionate about cooking who switched career (former business lawyer) by passion.

The Advisory Committee

  • Cargill

    Emmanuel Cargill

    Executive Director and Co-founder

    Emmanuel Cargill is a senior vice president Human Resources at Pernod Ricard USA, the co-leader in the global wines and spirit industry

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  • Coleon

    Yves Coleon

    Executive Director and Co-founder

    Recognized as a leading expert on business creation, brand management and organization development, Yves Coleon has 30+ years

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  • Ardiet

    Sylvain Ardiet

    Managing Partner & Chief Architect

    Sylvain Ardiet is a Managing Partner and the Chief Architect at Alphaserve Technologies. With over 18 years

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  • Benaiche

    Norbert Benaiche

    Practice Leader, Deloitte

    Norbert Benaiche leads the French Business Services Group of Deloitte in the US

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  • Bischoff

    Martin Bischoff

    Managing Director, FACC

    Martin Bischoff is Managing Director of the French-American Chamber of Commerce in New York City.

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  • Busquet

    Anne Busquet

    President, AMB advisors

    Anne Busquet is President of AMB Advisors where she advises companies on business strategy, marketing and development

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  • Castelnuovo

    Diana Castelnuovo-Tedesco

    Founder & Managing Director, Fraiche PR

    After leading international PR campaigns for image-driven brands at Diageo, Seagram and Coty, Diana Castelnuovo -Tedesco founded New York

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  • Draghi

    Eric Draghi

    Founder & CEO, 1000 Passions

    Eric Draghi is the founder and CEO of 1000 Passions Inc. Married to an American woman with two children, he lives and works in Westchester, NY

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  • Ferre

    Thomas Ferre

    Founder, Tomiotee

    Thomas Ferre is an investor and entrepreneur, having spent most of his career in Private equity investing across the globe and in particular

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  • Scholler

    Melchior Scholler

    Co-Founder & CEO, Poutsch

    Melchior Schöller is the co-founder and CEO of Poutsch , an online polling platform that won the 2012 FAEA

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  • Thollot

    Stephan Thollot

    Principal, Ernst and Young

    Stephan is a principal in the transaction advisory service department of Ernst & Young in New York.

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