The FAEA award competition was launched in 2008 by Emmanuel Cargill and Yves Coléon, two members of Club 600, a leadership organization of francophone senior executives and business owners. Its goal is to help French American entrepreneurs launch their business venture in the US and provide a network of and guidance from experienced business leaders, who serve as mentors.

Each entry will be judged by our jury, whose members representing a breadth of expertise in variety of areas of business and industries. Pitches will be evaluated against five criteria: clarity, market and customer needs analysis, innovation, entrepreneurial background of entrants, and early market success.

Two winners will be selected during the Award Ceremony held in New York City.

The first-place winner will receive a cash prize of $10,000. The second-place winner will receive a cash prize of $5,000. Both the first-place winner and the second-place winner will receive coaching by CCE Dreamstart following their successful 1234 formula and other in-kind prizes as well as media exposure to help them accelerate the development of their startup in the US.


  • 2019: Elsa Jungman of Elsi ( personalized and science-backed clean skincare) and Clement Mihailescu of Algoexpert ( all in one tool for coding interviews)

  • 2018: Andrew Jamison for Extend (Share your card with confidence) and Raphaël and Stéphane Gabsi of Adopt A Contractor (Find Local Qualified Pros)

  • 2017: Jean-Pierre Adechi for Wheeli (The carpooling app for college students) and Julien Delpech of Invivox (Peer to peer medical education)

  • 2016: Thomas Marchand for Biomodex (develops innovative solutions for surgical & interventional training) and Kenneth Schlenkler of (online platform for anonymous secondary market sales of art)

  • 2015: Camille Delebecque and Sophie Deterre for Afineur (a company which uses designer fermentations to craft tastier, healthier, and more sustainable food. Its flagship product, Cultured Coffee, redefines the coffee experience by unlocking new aromas and flavor landscapes)

  • 2015: Pierre-Louis Théron, Nikolay Rodionov, and Axel Delmas for Streamroot (a new streaming solution that allows online broadcasters to provide better quality streaming while drastically reducing bandwidth costs)

  • 2014: Arthur Lenoir, Adrien Cognée, and Baptiste Poirier for Jellynote (a social media platform that allows users to create and share sheet music, tabs and covers)

  • 2012: Melchior Scholler. Felix Winckler, and Etienne Adriaenssen for Poutsch (now known as VoicePolls- a social media platform to express, collect and analyze opinions)

  • 2011: Thomas Ferré for Tomi-O-Tee (the first line of golf wear made sustainably and in a design unique to the golf lifestyle, now part of Loomstate)

  • 2010: Céline Legros for Canelé by Céline (a food business specialized in the baking and selling of French mini pastries to introduce the concept of Café Gourmand to New Yorkers)

  • 2009: Stéphane Chong and Klaus Speidel for Hypios (a global online market place connecting communities of problem solvers and innovators

  • 2008: Sébastien Payen and Thibaut Scholasch for Fruition Sciences (a California-based business which assists individual wineries in capturing and analyzing vineyard data to improve consistency, yield, and quality).