Founder, Sorteer Inc.

Eric works at Sorteer, a startup built as a reference platform for All French related Events in the U.S. All events one place, easy to find and easy to promote.

Prior to launching, Eric has created 1000 Passions, a platform with a strategic focus on gathering people who are passionate about their activities and ready to share unique moments for a fee with 1000 Passions' customers. Eric spent his former 20 years as a partner in different startups in the software telecom industry, specializing in Minitel, IVR, Call Center and Voice over IP platforms. In charge of sales in EMEA until a buyout in 2006, he has always worked to present and sell the innovative solutions the market was looking for.

He earned a Master's Degree in Telecoms from Paris VI University. He lives and works in Westchester, NY .