2014 Press

  • 12-15-2014 Maddyness, the French start-up magazine, released an article about the opening of the 7th edition of the FAEA.

  • 11-21-2014 This week's video "Actu France USA" posted on USA 21 includes the 7th edition of the FAEA.  

  • 11-19-2014 We Love Entrepreneurs features this year's FAEA on their 'News' section: S'implanter aux Etats Unis

  • 11-17-2014 The opening of the FAEA 2014-2015 is featured in French Morning.

  • 11-12-2014 Check out the announcement of the opening of the 7th edition in French press AFP

  • 11-12-2014 The press release has been posted on BFM Business

  • 11-11-2014 The Zen Blog, that provides tips for small business owners, posted an article about the different startup competitions and included the FAEA in Group-based competitions.

  • 11-10-2014 The opening of the 7th French-American Entrepreneurship Award Competition featured on blog New York in French

  • 11-01-2014 7th Annual French-American Entrepreneurship Award Competition Opens. Read the press release in English or in French to know more about the competition. 

  • 04-12-2014 Thomas Devos presents Souk, the People's Choice Award winner and FAEA finalist to BFMTV

  • 04-12-2014 Yves Coleon recaps this year's FAEA edition during its interview on BFMTV

  • 04-11-2014 Small Biz Daily covered the 6th FAEA ceremony and introduces the winners and finalists.

  • 04-10-2014 French Morning highlighted this year's FAEA winner, Jellynote.

  • 04-10-2014 France-Amerique featured Jellynote, the 6th Annual FAEA Business Plan Competition winner. 

  • 04-09-2014 USA21.TV  interviewed Jellynote during the 6th Annual FAEA Ceremony, held at Helen Mills on April 7th.

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