Philippe Giffard founded BRIMAR Relocation Inc. in 2008. BRIMAR is a moving company dedicated to the international market for high-end executives, and ambassadors and consulates of a variety of countries.

Prior to founding BRIMAR, Mr. Giffard merged his first company created in 1992, Blue Ribbon International Moving, with Delahaye Moving to form Delahaye Blue Ribbon, based in New York City, in 1995.

Each one of Mr. Giffard’s companies, while serving a variety of organizations and banks, and often many different countries’ embassies and consulates, diligently developed and maintained, in particular, a niche with the French market, providing high-quality service with great attention to detail.

Before moving to the United States from France in 1990, Mr. Giffard was the customer credit manager with Tradimar, a firm based in Lorient, from 1986 to 1990. He also held the position of administrative manager from 1982 to 1986 at Transport Le Calvez based in Rennes.

Mr. Giffard earned a degree in marketing and business management at IGECO Lorient and lives in Stamford, Connecticut.